Sinclair announces one million Ellansé syringes milestoneSinclair announces one million Ellansé syringes milestone

Sinclair announces one million Ellansé syringes milestone

Global aesthetics company Sinclair has achieved record sales for 2023, as they announce that one million syringes were sold last year alone.

The landmark achievement reflects Ellansé’s global impact, as medical aesthetics providers praise the products immediate volume, long-lasting results, skin quality improvement, and safety record.

“Ellansé belongs to a different class of fillers. It offers immediate results due to its volumising capacity, and benefits through the formation of new type 1 collagen, which is why I value it so much in my practice, and value the opportunity to teach advanced aesthetic practitioners to treat effectively with it.” says Dr Xavier Goodarzian, Ellansé trainer.

The multi-award winning Ellansé launched in 2009, and has gone on to revolutionise the aesthetic industry. The dual action collagen stimulating dermal filler goes beyond simply correcting superficial lines and folds. It also works deep under the skin to treat the real causes of facial ageing by using the body’s natural response to encapsulate microspheres in the gel which stimulates the production of connective tissue (collagen).

“We are delighted to announce that one million syringes of Ellansé have been sold”, says Dawn Thomson, Ellansé Brand Manager. “This accomplishment highlights our commitment to providing best in class training and is a testament to Ellanse’s enviable results and safety record. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated team, partners, KOLs, and healthcare professionals who contributed to this incredible success.”