360° Body Contouring - Cryolipolysis 

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Cooltech Define

Is the most innovative cryolipolysis device for full-body contouring. It works at a temperature of -10° and treats 4 areas simultaneously, enabling a fast procedure.

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Non-surgical fat reduction

Cooltech Define treatments are based on cryolipolysis technology. It is a non-invasive procedure that triggers the apoptosis process through the application of controlled cold to permanently remove a considerable number of fat cells from treated areas.

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Full body contouring treatments

Unique 360° cooling technology, 9 ergonomic applicators that adapt to all body areas and 3D diagnostic templates designed to facilitate patient assessment enable you to achieve unrivalled results in record time. The patented Cool Gel Pad -50°C Smart Contact guarantees a safe and effective cryoprotection for your patients during the whole treatment.

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Customize the treatment for each patient

Cooltech Define treats localized unwanted fatty tissue on most areas of the body. Its 9 ergonomic applicators have been designed to adapt to soft and hard tissues, flat and curved areas.

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Cooltech Define is a highly innovative method that has allowed me to fulfil the requests of my patients regarding body shaping. After more than 1000 treatments and many successes, relying on Cooltech Define was one of my best ideas.