The shape of beauty - Rotates and sculpts for stunning results

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Sculpt&Shape incorporates an innovative RotateRF technology for full body contouring and face rejuvenation. Its different tips and modes combined with real-time temperature control and safe touch technology ensure a unique experience for all patients with no downtime.


Non-invasive body contouring and face rejuvenation

Sculpt&Shape treatments are based on innovative RotateRF technology for the entire body. It is a non-invasive procedure. Giving a pleasant experience for the patient and an easy device to use for the physician.

Sinclair UK

Rotate RF

Our 360º rotation of the tips effectively heats treatment areas while offering a pleasant experience for both practitioner and patient. It provides uniform heating and increases lymphatic drainage enhancing clinical results with no downtime.



The most important effect of the rotation is the homogeneous heating provided which improves the comfort and safety of the patients during the treatment.

Versatile treatments

6 rotative tips with monopolar and bipolar energy and 2 types of frequency allow for treating different indications and achieving natural results from head to toe with no downtime.

Sculpt&Shape took my attention straight away. First, I was amazed by the many clinical benefits offered by the platform, such as RotateRF technology, real-time temperature control and Safe Touch technology. It is easy to use and gives a pleasant experience to my patients while I am performing the treatment. I am happy to be using Sculpt&Shape! I am pleased with the clinical results I have received together with the extensive treatments I can use with this RF technology. To choose a new device to put in your clinical practice and facility, you really need to be convinced.