Treat your patients with Infusion Ionwave™ Technology

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Innovative Device

Infusion is an Electro-Mesotherapy device, which delivers a non-invasive, needle-free solution for superior trans-dermal delivery of topicals. State-of-the-art Ionwave™ proprietary Technology delivers optimal permeability. It can increase your offerings, by combining this innovative device with other non-invasive solutions and technologies.

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Infusion Serums

Infusion™ solutions are driven into the skin through electric pulse waves, powered by proprietary Ionwave™ Technology. Developed from the purest and highest quality ingredients, Infusion ampoules are formulated to maximize cell penetration and ensure safety and effectiveness.

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How does Infusion works?

Based on the well-established science of electroporation, Ionwave™ technology maximizes cell permeability and the absorption of active ingredients by the cell. Precisely crafted electrical currents induce phospholipids movement in the cell membrane that results in the opening of micro channels, allowing topicals to bypass the stratum corneum layer without puncturing the skin.



Needle-free solution for glowing skin

Technology at a Glimpse

Ionwave™ Technology is based on the Electroporation principle, where when the electro-current comes into contact with the cell, it begins the structural rearrangement of the lipid bi-layer to form openings in the cell membrane. Ionwave™ Technology utilizes a specific, proprietary algorithm which balances frequency, exposure time and impedance.

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As a medical professional, I can confidently say that InFusion® is a game-changer in the skincare industry. The Ionwave™ Technology is truly revolutionary, as it allows for effective delivery of serums without the use of needles. The device's ability to adjust settings to reach different depths in the skin makes it versatile and effective for treating various skin concerns, including hydration, smoothing, brightening, and collagen boosting. I highly recommend InFusion® to any practice owner looking to expand their skincare offerings. It has been a great addition to my practice and my patients have seen great results. The next generation of skincare is indeed here and InFusion ® is leading the way.