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What is RISE?

RISE is a new programme that aims to empower future leaders through advanced training and industry profile promotion. We selected 10 doctors from candidates around the world to work with our international KOLs and our education team to become our future international speakers and experts for our products.

Meet our future leaders

Sinclair is passionate about support our emerging KOLs.
In 2022 we conducted a global search to find the best and brightest doctors
from around the world. The group nominated by their local teams and colleagues
was then interviewed and selected by our current leading key opinion leaders.

The result is a diverse group who focusing on a wide range of Sinclair products
from around the world. We are so proud to introduce you to our 10 RISE KOLS:

What do we have planned for our RISE KOLs in 2023?

Our RISE KOLS will be working with our Global Training team and a selection of our International KOLs in 2023 to increase their knowledge and certifications on the broad Sinclair portfolio of products. We will be working with this exclusive group of KOLs to further their development offering presentation skills training and a series of webinars to help them with topics they have defined as needed to improve their journey as Rising KOLs. As RISE KOLS they will participate in Sinclair projects and act as speakers as well as trainers for our products while be supported by the team and international KOLs.

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At Sinclair, we stand for excellence in education. Every day we train healthcare practitioners empowering them to deliver the best results to their patients.
RISE is a journey that allows us to nurture talented practitioners so in the future RISE trainees are our key opinion leaders globally beyond boundaries.
Sinclair’s Rise programme encourages and challenges us to evolve as physicians, communicators and individuals. Essential qualities to become a KOL and a teacher. It is a great honour to be part of it.

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