New study confirms safety and efficacy of HA filler MaiLi®New study confirms safety and efficacy of HA filler MaiLi®

New study confirms safety and efficacy of HA filler MaiLi®

A new study, published in the Journal of Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology, has found that HA filler MaiLi Precise® is safe and effective in treating perioral fine lines.

The four-centre pilot study sought to investigate the efficacy and safety of MaiLi Precise in treating the perioral area. The study authors note that this region of the face remains one of the most difficult areas to treat, owing to its highly dynamic nature.

They state: “Previous attempts of correcting these areas with fillers showed that subcutaneous ridges or overcorrection may be generated in relation with the rheological properties of previous HA fillers[1]

In consequence of this, an innovative manufacturing technology for producing novel HA fillers was developed – MaiLi’s OxiFree™ technology, launched by Sinclair. The core strength of this technology lies in the cross-linking of HA under inert atmosphere, which is followed by extracting reactive oxygen species during the manufacturing process.

Each of the four centres were invited to recruit five patients to be injected with MaiLi Precise using intradermal injections, with multiple punctures, evenly spaced 1-3 mm apart, using a superficial 1-2 mm intradermal needle insertion. The volume injected depended on the desired effect. Follow-up visits were scheduled at one month and three months’ post-injection. All subjects were women, and their average age was 56 years old. Treatment effectiveness was evaluated using the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (GAIS), as was the satisfaction of the subjects and investigators. Adverse Events (AEs) were also reported.

After the first month visit, 95% of patients agreed that they were more satisfied with their appearance after MaiLi treatment; 90% were more satisfied after three months. Moreover, 90% of patients indicated that they felt better after the treatment, and that they were satisfied with the smoothness of their skin after one month, while 95% indicated the same after three. All patients agreed that they were more satisfied with the appearance of their wrinkles and of the area treated after MaiLi treatment.

All the physicians attributed improved, much improved, or very much improved GAIS scores. The participating doctors agreed that MaiLi displayed better rheology than competitor products, and that the product was easy to inject. Moreover, they all concurred that they would recommend MaiLi to a colleague. The physicians were satisfied with the results of MaiLi when using the intradermal injections, noting that product was safe and effective.

The study found that MaiLi Precise is safe to use because the few AEs that occurred post-injection all remained very mild in nature, having completely disappeared at the last follow-up.

Based on the current study results, MaiLi Precise was shown to be safe and provided satisfactory results from both the patient and the physician’s points of view during a 3-month follow-up. The study authors summarised their findings by stating that:

“Both physicians and patients should have full confidence in MaiLi gels.”

MaiLi is the world’s first range of patented OxiFree hyaluronic acid fillers that coalesce the benefits of volume, suppleness and longevity, with impressive patient safety* figures.

Practitioners treating with MaiLi need to use 24% less filler than other well-known brands* and MaiLi Extreme is verified as one of the most volumising and supple fillers available, with an unparalleled projection rate of 34% more than the market leader.

Not only does less product mean more treatment possibilities for patients, but also, for the same patient, practitioners can use the same syringe in multiples areas to exceed patient expectations and achieve superior results, which gradually build over time.

MaiLi helps to rejuvenate, contour and sculpt the face, while acting like soft, flexible and elastic skin tissue, working with natural movement and expression. The brand recently was recognised with an award win for pioneering and innovation at the prestigious 2023 Safety in Beauty Awards.

*Data on file. Clinical investigation: in comparison to the market-leading HA injectable gel, 24% less product of MaiLi Extreme is required for the same results in the treatment of the cheek area.

[1] Kim HJ, Kwon SB, Whang KU, Lee JS, Park YL, et al. (2018) The duration of hyaluronidase and optimal timing of hyaluronic acid (HA) filler reinjection after hyaluronidase injection. J Cosmet Laser Ther 20: 52-57.