Why physicians and aestheticians continue to participate in product training with Sinclair CollegeWhy physicians and aestheticians continue to participate in product training with Sinclair College

Why physicians and aestheticians continue to participate in product training with Sinclair College

Our education platform, Sinclair College, was founded solely with the objective of providing our partners with premier online educational resources to support our existing on-hand training programs. It is where our global experts connect to share the best practices and discuss industry trends and how to stay ahead of them. Doctors, biologists, scientists, aesthetics professionals, and communication specialists all come together to provide additional value to clinics offering the products in our portfolio.

After you complete the initial training and implement our product portfolio in your clinic, we will continue to provide support and guidance to help you improve your offerings to your patients. A large part of this involves highly effective communication strategies that have been developed using years of feedback collected from our large network of partners and key opinion leaders. With demand shifting, we've seen an uptick in combination* aesthetic treatments involving the use of two or more of our products at the same time. A patient could want to remove their jowls while looking for filler to restore volume and thanks to our
wide-ranging product portfolio, we are able to treat these areas in combination.*

New content is often featured on our e-learning platform Sinclair College and on our Sinclair College app, which is why it's important to continue to regularly interact with us and follow us on social media. We take the best of the knowledge we deliver at conferences and symposiums around the world and combine that with our core product training and trends to create content that supports professionals and enables a high satisfaction rate among patients.

This platform also serves as a space for clients to provide feedback. Through our global and local training teams and our expert KOLs from around the world, prospective or existing clients can ask questions or share doubts they might have about various treatments. We're constantly updating Sinclair College with more information about techniques, treatable areas and the science behind the products we provide so that conversations with patients provide them enough satisfaction to convert into treatments.

Sinclair College is more than just a platform for education, it's where our communities come together to have an open discussion about the latest technology and knowledge in skincare, with a common goal of slowing down the ageing process. If you're interested in learning more or offering our products in your clinic, you can reach out to us at www.sinclaircollege.com

*The information contained within this presentation has been provided by health care professionals in their medical practices independently of any involvement of Sinclair. Any opinions, information, views or advice provided or expressed are those of such medical professionals and not of Sinclair. Use of Sinclair’s products in combination with any other product or accessory that is not listed within the IFU shall be undertaken entirely at the medical professionals risk.