Dermal fillers: A dentist's viewDermal fillers: A dentist's view

Dermal fillers: A dentist's view

Can fillers transform buck teeth, a gummy smile or a square jawline?

It is possible to disguise a range of dental and jaw misalignments in half an hour instead of undergoing lengthy orthodontic treatment, or surgery, according to Dr Pradnya Apte who is both a dentist and aesthetics practitioner. She transforms faces using Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal filler.

Dentists undergo a significant amount of medical training

In the next four years, dentists spend significantly more time learning and understanding the anatomy of the face. Of course, as you would expect, much is focussed on teeth and gums, but a great deal of time is spent building up a detailed and intricate knowledge of the workings of the facial muscles and bone structure, how the positioning of teeth will affect cheeks and lips, and, in layman’s terms how your face works! It would be fair to say that dentists know faces intimately, inside and out.

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We are able to look holistically at patients’ faces, and offer advice and treatments which are in tune with the whole rather than viewing features in isolation,”, says Dr Pradnya. “For example, I often find myself looking inside my patients mouths before I apply filler to the lips, to ensure I am judging my filler placement in relation to the teeth and other supporting structures. I can correct the appearance of protruding teeth or a gummy smile with dermal filler to the lips.

The aim isn’t to create bee-stung lips

As a dentist, she has the training to fully understand the underlying skeletal anatomy of the lower face and jaw area and is, therefore, qualified to veil dental problems using filler - Dr Pradnya.

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