Reaction gives safe, effective, painless and non-invasive solutions.

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Reaction puts You, the Practitioner, in the driver's Seat. With Reaction at your fingertips, you’re in full control when treating patients. You manage the depth of penetration, so you can treat a patient’s entire body and face, including the forehead, jaw, and other bony areas, without worrying about causing your patient discomfort.

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The Reaction is a clinically proven, safe, effective, painless, non-invasive solution. The Reaction aesthetic system includes three, easily interchangeable treatment applicators: FC, BC and ST.

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How does Reaction works?

Reaction, Going beyond single frequency limitations, Reaction’s CORE™ Technology offers the aesthetic professional an unheard-of level of control and targeting depth precision that delivers immediately visible results.CORE™ (Channeling Optimized RF Energy) Technology features three distinct RF frequency channels (0.8MHz, 1.7MHz and 2.45MHz) and an additional fourth multi-channel mode, combining all three RF frequencies. The major benefits of these multiple RF frequencies include superior treatment control, precision targeting, a broader dermal and hypodermal effect and higher energy absorption for optimal clinical results.

Redefining Aesthetic treatments

The combination of the three RF frequencies allows practitioners to offer a range of the industry’s most desired treatments. Reaction’s user-friendly, ergonomic applicators allow you to easily adjust treatment parameters and create a safe, comfortable, and effective aesthetic experience with a variety of special protocols, including ReFit, ReLift, ReVive and more.

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‘Very few technologies that are non-invasive can give you a ´wow´ effect - this is a WOW! Already, the fact that we can treat these areas without surgery and with such good results is resonating loudly just by word of mouth and no external marketing.’