The importance of reviews on Google and how to encourage patients to write themThe importance of reviews on Google and how to encourage patients to write them

The importance of reviews on Google and how to encourage patients to write them

As a clinic providing anti-ageing treatments with products such as MaiLi or Perfectha, it's important to be as transparent as possible with your patients in order to build trust, which in turn will encourage word-of-mouth recommendations. Friends always see the results, but may not realise what work you’ve had done—
whether at a wedding, weeks after a noticeable Silhouette Soft thread lift, or at a dinner party, after lip filler has been subtly applied. Happy customers are always going to talk positively about their experience.

This directly influences what they write about you on sites such as TrustPilot or Google Business, which prospective clients are likely to visit as part of their research. Getting five-star reviews is not just about performing your craft well but also about following up with patients after they've had their treatments. There's always a certain level of expectation with any aesthetic treatment, but great results and an
open post-procedure conversation can do wonders for the trust you're constantly building with your patients.

You can use email to follow up with patients and encourage them to leave a review, or even give them a leaflet with the contact information of your clinic as they're leaving. For a more personal touch, a phone call can go a long way in encouraging positive reviews. Whenever a potential patient searches for your clinic to find a telephone number or directions, the first things they'll notice are your star rating and reviews. Google is a research hub for those looking for quality and assurance with regard to the procedures you offer.

Use Google Business to post regularly, as you would with other social channels such as Instagram. An active clinic is one that is constantly connecting with its customers and providing valuable information during the decision-making process. Good reviews combined with recent and relevant photos will lead to more phone calls and booking of appointments from new clients.

You can be a top-rated aesthetic clinic if you continuously connect with customers across digital channels. Patient advocates are your greatest strength and one positive review can change another potential patient's decision to get dermal fillers or other injectables. Treat Google Business like a constant conversation with
existing and potential customers and reviews will flow in, as will more bookings.