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Our vision, mission and values.

Sinclair exists to create conīŦdence. Discover our transformation.

Providing aesthetic excellence globally.

Our Brands

Mission Statement

Driving the advancement of product quality and customer satisfaction, investing in innovation and people.

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Act with integrity. Be results driven. Embrace your winning spirit. Stay ahead of the game. One team, one goal.

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Our people

We want our people to be proud of Sinclair. We believe that by upholding strong ethical values and giving our staff a voice we get the very best out of them. We nurture talent, we encourage free-thinking and we empower people to drive the business towards success. It is our aim to help make our people happy and fulfilled.

Work at Sinclair
I feel privileged to be at the helm of this amazing company. Sinclair has strong and deep foundations and I will be dedicated in my efforts to build us into one of the leading players in the aesthetics industry.