New challenges in capturing the hyper-aware patient and how to overcome themNew challenges in capturing the hyper-aware patient and how to overcome them

New challenges in capturing the hyper-aware patient and how to overcome them

There's a wealth of information online that can influence the decision-making process of those seeking non-invasive anti-ageing treatments. From dedicated product and company websites like to forums and review websites where doubts can be answered by professionals and those who have already been through the experience.

Many hours will be spent researching, much to the benefit of patient confidence initially, but diving too deep could also be counter-productive as patients could hit a paradox of choice. Location, treatment type and price are key decision-making factors, but also which brands you work with, including for instance, which dermal filler product. Physician experience is also a key factor as everyone seeks knowledge, experience and someone who can guide and reassure them.

To avoid going down rabbit holes with clients who may be considering every possible option out there, it's important to make contact as soon as possible. This may be by offering a free consultation in your clinic or by a digital touchpoint like a website popup to either capture an email address or through a live chat plugin. This will be welcoming to many site visitors as they will feel free to share any questions or doubts they may have.

Offering online consultations via chat or video will allow you to give more flexibility to patients while qualifying them faster and keep your in-clinic time allocated to treatments.

It is also important to set the aesthetic treatment date immediately after the initial consultation so the patient does not continue to 'shop around' and find alternative treatment options at alternative clinics. Refining the best practices over time will help you to build a robust system of performing more treatments.

There's no doubt that consumers across all industries are in the driving seat and that's why brands are getting more personal in both their marketing and in their first contact with them. The one-on-one conversation is your chance to address any doubts and to clearly explain your expertise and track record so use that interaction wisely.