Make the most of the ‘Meta’ Facebook PixelMake the most of the ‘Meta’ Facebook Pixel

Make the most of the ‘Meta’ Facebook Pixel

One of the very simple things you can do with your marketing team or agency partner is to implement a Facebook Pixel on your website.

The Facebook Pixel is a small piece of code you can setup in your Facebook business manager account and place on your website. So, what does the Pixel do? Imagine 10 people have visited your clinic in one day and all leave with the vague assumption that they would ‘think about it’ and call back later. This would undoubtably be frustrating, and you would wonder how to get those people back. The Facebook Pixel works just in this way, to bring potential patients back, in this case to your clinic website.

Remarketing activities are generally 70% more effective than reaching out to new users, as they’ve already become aware of your brand (Big Commerce, 2021). This means you can spread your marketing budget further by focusing on people who are more likely to come back and convert. For those clinics which already have a large CRM (customer relationship management) database of existing patient email addresses, this can also be used to retarget your existing client base.

Another advantage of the Facebook Pixel is using the audience data you collect to make your Facebook Ads strategy more effective through a lookalike audience. How does a lookalike audience work? It uses Facebook’s algorithm to select people that have similar interests to those found in your pixel data.

This means you are focusing your initial advertisements on potential patients that are more likely to be interested in your products or services. As you run Facebook ad campaigns over months or even years, this data gets richer and ultimately improves your click through rates and conversions. You can continue to run retargeting ads until a user reaches a specific goal conversion, meaning that they’ve reached a point when you either no longer want to reach them, or they’ve completed the action you wanted them to take.

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