How plastic surgeons are responding to the demand for less invasive aesthetic treatmentsHow plastic surgeons are responding to the demand for less invasive aesthetic treatments

How plastic surgeons are responding to the demand for less invasive aesthetic treatments

Thanks to major advancements in technology and training, patients seeking facial rejuvenation treatments can now choose less invasive options with minimal downtime. The rise in demand has given rise to fear regarding 'going under the knife.' This, coupled with a lack of time for recovery in our fast-paced world, has caused many plastic surgeons to reconsider the core offerings of their clinics.

Non-surgical procedures have been propelled into the spotlight, as television programmes have featured processes such as . Positive reactions to lunchtime facelifts have made the
benefits of quick, easy procedures that offer stunning results with minimal recovery time more than evident. Substances such as poly-l-lactic acid and hyaluronic acid, which are
now widely available in skincare products, have worked marvels in adding volume to the skin and stimulating the body's natural production of collagen, thereby continuing to deliver
results over time.

Traditional plastic surgeons have taken note of these developments and are now marketing their talents to a new and more discerning client base that would otherwise have never visited their clinics. Thanks to an advanced knowledge of skin and muscle tissue brought about by years of research, training in the use of key products and services such as Silhouette Soft thread lifting or fillers including MaiLi and Ellansé have become a natural step in satisfying the clients’ demand.

Sinclair College was created as a one-stop hub of information, seminars, conferences and key opinions by industry leaders for educating people on Sinclair's portfolio of products and
their corresponding methods of application. With less preparation time, less invasion and faster recovery, non-invasive facelifts have become the number one choice for those who
would otherwise have to spend hours on the operating table.

*The ability to use a combination of techniques such as Silhouette Soft on the cheeks or brows and a filler such as Perfectha on the lips enables plastic surgeons the freedom to
sculpt more accurately, thereby fulfilling the patient's requirements. Another advantage is that the success of these procedures will ensure that clinics will have happy returning
customers looking to add further definition or volume in the future and, thanks to Sinclair's wide range of dermal fillers, a suitable product can easily be matched to their needs.

If you're a plastic surgeon who is looking to add a range of non-invasive procedures to your clinic, contact us today to discuss our range of thread lifting and filler products, as well as
training options via our Sinclair College platform. Client demand is shifting to treatments that require minimal downtime with maximum impact and now is the time to stay ahead of
the curve.

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