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Sinclair Portal

A step-by-step guide

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Easily navigate through our extensive library of files, logos, images, clinical studies and interactive media for your chosen Sinclair products using the left-hand navigation bar. Stay informed with timely updates and new content notifications sent straight to your email. Have more questions? Get in touch with our team.


1. Finding your brand and files

Scroll on the left-hand side to locate your brand. Each brand contains similar subfolders for easy file access (e.g., clinical documents, marketing materials). On mobile, simply click the 'burger' menu to bring up the mini menu of brands you've registered.

2. Preview button

Select the 'eye' icon on the document to preview it before you download. This can be done for any file that isn't a zip. So watch MP4 videos, preview images or read PDFs without downloading. Watch our simple video guide to see how this is done.

3. Sending a file

You can now share links to any file in the Sinclair Portal whether the user is a member or not, they just have to accept our privacy policy. First, click the sharing icon on the file, then a pop-up with the shareable link will appear. Click 'copy' to copy the link. You can then share this through email, whatsapp or your chosen messenger.

4. Collection feature

Our Collections feature is an easy way to keep files you will need on a regular basis, without needing to download them to your device. Collections are personal to you and can be edited whenever you wish. Create a collection by clicking your profile icon > 'My Collections' > 'Create' > Name your collection > 'Create'. You can also create collection via any file by simply clicking on the collections button, giving it a name and clicking create. To view or share your collections, click the three dots next to the collection created.

5. Language filter

Under the Sinclair brand portfolio on the left-hand side, use the language filter to quickly find documents in your preferred language. If you are looking for files in your local language, or open files eg. Photoshop and Indesign files, search in English as these will be marked as multilingual. Need more files in your local language? Speak to your local marketing team.

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