Sinclair at the International Master Course on Aging Science - IMCAS 2022Sinclair at the International Master Course on Aging Science - IMCAS 2022

Sinclair at the International Master Course on Aging Science - IMCAS 2022

In early June 2022, for the first time in three years, the IMCAS Word Congress opened its doors to over 14 000 attendees from around the world. Possibly the most successful IMCAS of all time, definitely the most successful congress for Sinclair.

IMCAS Congresses bring together the latest evidence-based techniques from prominent speakers and the newest developments from major industry players and gives a platform to the best in the fields of dermatology, plastic surgery, and ageing science. This year saw 760 expert speakers and 320 exhibiting companies in Paris, attracting a record 14 253 attendees, proving beyond doubt that there is no substitute for face-to-face contact in our industry.

The congress presented the ideal opportunity for a new-look Sinclair to show the world’s best dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, and plastic surgeons our now extensive range of products, services, and exciting new brands. Furthermore, visitors to our booth were able to register for Sinclair College, to meet commercial teams for each of our brands and to attend up to 7 different Meet the Experts sessions with our Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

These symposia are fundamental to what we do. An opportunity to demonstrate the world class safety and efficacy of our products as well as educating physicians on techniques, combination therapies, our unparalleled Sinclair College training suite and to give digital marketing support.

Key highlights this year were presentations on: Primelase and Ellansé; Lanluma and Cooltech; MaiLi (Lips and eyes) and Silhouette Soft; Perfectha Lidocaine and the launch of our new product Préime DermaFacial.

Primelase and Ellansé

For Primelase and Ellansé, in front of an audience of 270 people, our expert trainers discussed how to achieve an optimal full-face rejuvenation using both products in combination. Dr Antonio Campo presented an in-depth review of Primelase and what he has achieved in his practice. Dr Francisco de Melo explained to the audience how to correctly perform combined treatments following protocols established in a recently published study. Dr Amanda Ong presented her own experience with Ellansé and discussed many of her successful clinical cases. Finally, Dr Gabriel Aribi showcased a full-face injection video to teach the guidelines provided in the Ellansé Expert’s Guide.

Lanluma and Cooltech

For Lanluma and Cooltech we held a symposium entitled “Restoring body confidence: PLLA and Cryoadipolysis for treatment of buttocks and thighs.” Attended by 200 guests, Dr Francesca de Angelis, Dr Beatriz Beltrán and Dr Giovanni Salti introduced them to the rise of buttock augmentation in today’s landscape, explaining how our collagen stimulating injectable, Lanluma, can help you achieve full, smooth buttocks for patients. Dr Fabrizio Vignoli shared his successful experience using the unique fat freezing technology of Cooltech Define for body contouring. All Experts shared clinical cases from their practice, showcasing the beautiful, safe results they were able to achieve for their patients with Lanluma and Cooltech Define.

MaiLi and Silhouette Soft

Our symposia for MaiLi and Silhouette took place over two days. The first day included a cadaver anatomy session conducted by Dr Franco Vercesi where he showed how to inject the periorbital and upper face (tear trough and temple). Dr Vercesi engaged with the audience in an energetic yet professional way, and we had a full room of attendees who engaged in an open and informative discussion which greatly benefitted from the extensive knowledge of Dr Vercesi.

We also hosted a MaiLi Meet the Experts session on the Sinclair booth. This was a peer-to-peer experience sharing session with focus on presenting best case studies in eye area treatments with Dr Sabika Karim and Dr Maurizio Cavallini. The session took the form of a 15-minute presentation with slides, showing interesting cases (with assessment, technique used, and B&As). The short presentation was followed up with a Q&A. This again proved very popular with the audience who provided great feedback to the KOLs. The booth was full, and it was an excellent session that kept the audience’s attention until the end.

On the second day we hosted a Symposia entitled “Minimally invasive rejuvenation – an aesthetic treatment of the face and neck using combinations of PLLA/PLGA suspension sutures, Silhouette Soft, and a new cross-linked hyaluronic acid, MaiLi.” This was hosted by Dr Vercesi and he was joined by Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Thomas Rappl. Sinclair was delighted to welcome an audience of 390 people to this meeting.

Dr Rappl presented the main product features and benefits of MaiLi and his own experience of combination treatments. Dr Manning summarized the features of Silhouette Soft and then presented her own MaiLi and Silhouette Soft combination treatment outcomes. The combination treatment using MaiLi and Silhouette Soft was then illustrated with a video by Dr Vercesi using an initial MaiLi procedure, followed by a Silhouette Soft full-face procedure and finally a MaiLi procedure. Finally, Dr Manning presented her own experiences of combining MaiLi and Silhouette Soft, the results were outstanding and demonstrated how combined treatments deliver outstanding results for her patients.

Perfectha Lidocaine

On the 3rd of June we hosted A Peer-to-Peer Experience sharing session with the focus on presenting the new range of Perfectha Lidocaine

This Meet-the-Experts session about our Perfectha Lidocaine launch was conducted by Dr Rami Haidar (a Maxillo Facial Surgeon from the UAE). He presented the new range of hyaluronic acid fillers with Lidocaine to the physicians present. Doctor Rami also talked about the qualities of the product and where the product differs from the classic Perfectha formula. He then invited DrSébastien Malaise (Head of product and process Development at Sinclair) to talk about product safety, E-Brid technology and the entire Perfectha production process at the Sinclair laboratory in Lyon.

Dr Ahmed El Muntasar (an Aesthetic Doctor from the UK) was the third doctor to present, and he shared with the audience six before and after cases of patients he has treated with the new Perfectha Lidocaine product. Doctor Haidar was the first doctor to test Perfectha Lidocaine worldwide and he has extensive experience and expertise in Hyaluronic Acid. Dr Sebastian Cotofana, MD, PHD, Professor of Anatomy (USA) presented the anatomical part of the presentation and explained the protocol developed by him and Dr Haidar, which advocates a full-face treatment with Perfectha SubSkin with 3 injection points.

Préime DermaFacial Launch

In the final session on a packed Sinclair booth, Dr Sach Mohan presented the launch of Préime DermaFacial; the world’s most advanced aesthetic facial device. This new technology is a smart device, powered by Internet of Things (IoT) technology, designed to ensure consistent results and excellent patient outcomes. The state-of-the-art system offers a completely new approach in performing treatments, delivering actual data to the aesthetic providers, allowing them to understand, examine and constantly improve their own methods and practices. The launch was extremely successful augurs well for the future of this exciting new product.

Education, collaboration and what comes next

Our thanks go to the physicians taking part in our Innovation lab concept which made its debut at IMCAS. Sinclair College are committed to supporting medical education and the Sinclair Innovation Lab gave an opportunity to learn and practice injection techniques in a collaborative, peer to peer environment.

The Sinclair Innovation Lab provided a practical and immersive learning experience that will help doctors to hone their skills and enrich their understanding on the products in the Sinclair portfolio. This included:

  • Try-out injections and Silhouette thread placement on our simulation models.
  • Experience of our new Augmented Reality in the Ellansé and Maili Expert’s Guides.
  • How the Sinclair College and other digital tools can educate and support clinical practices.

Our Global Marketing team and brand managers were delighted with the response to our presentations, our new branding, our new products and our two booths. It was wonderful to witness a reconnection between the Sinclair team, our customers, partners and KOLs. The rapid growth and development of the company over the past three years was there for all to see. The huge number of people we spoke to and who visited us during the weekend are an indication of a company delivering great products which help our customers deliver fantastic results in a safe and highly effective way. We look forward to the next time we meet, later in 2022.

“There's a traditional belief that updating a brand is just updating the logo and colours, that's part of it but it's more than that. It's about transforming customer confidence and letting customers know we are by their side through all our global communication. We needed to engage our global teams with the same brand vision. This foundation allowed us to develop the brand identity to match our global ambition and cement our place as a serious worldwide aesthetics brand. IMCAS offered the ideal platform to launch this new identity with our teams and our customers from all over the world. The combination of a modern and vibrant new identity, an innovative and busy scientific programme, and the commitment of engaged and loyal speakers made IMCAS 2022 a founding moment for the New Sinclair.”

Emilie Croissant Head of Global Marketing, Sinclair

“The company has very strong foundations and I will be dedicated in my efforts to build Sinclair into one of the leading players in the aesthetics industry. We will do this through innovation, a focus on quality, safety, and a customer-centric ethos. We have exciting times ahead at Sinclair.”

Miguel Pardos CEO, Sinclair

Sinclair Booth - IMCAS 2022