Join Meet the Experts sessions with MaiLi:

Eye area treatments

27th January – 12.00-12.30 – Sinclair Booth

Presented by our panel of Experts:

Maurizio Cavallini - Plastic surgeon

Sabika Karim - Aesthetics Doctor

Lip area treatments

28th January – 12:00-12.30 - Sinclair Booth

Presented by our panel of Experts:

Paloma Borregon - Dermatologist

Thomas Rappl - Plastic Surgeon

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Join Cadaver Live Anatomy Session with MaiLi:

27th January 2022, 12.00-12.30

Amphi Bleu

Presented by our Expert:

Dr Franco Vercesi - Plastic surgeon

Maili Clinic

Join the first combination treatment Symposium with MaiLi:

Minimally invasive rejuvenation – an aesthetic treatment of the face and neck using combinations of PLLA/PLGA suspension sutures, Silhouette Soft, and a new cross-linked hyaluronic acid, MaiLi.

28th January 2022, 10.30-12.00, IMCAS Room 352 AB Level 3 Channel 12

Treatment Symposium (2)
2 Pl. de la Prte Maillot, Paris