Improving Practice Operations with Innovative TechnologiesImproving Practice Operations with Innovative Technologies

Improving Practice Operations with Innovative Technologies

Improving Practice Operation with Innovative Technologies – Introducing the V10, V20, and V30 multi-device platforms.

Designed specifically for doctors and aesthetic practitioners wanting to offer multiple treatments to their patients, the V-Series, a set of three cutting-edge multi-device platforms, aims to redefine the way aesthetic treatments are performed. In this article, we explore the unique technologies and treatment capabilities associated with each platform, showcasing how Sinclair continues to empower medical professionals to deliver outstanding results.

V10: Precision and Performance

The Sinclair V10, the first offering in the V-Series, is a versatile device that brings precision and efficiency to aesthetic treatments. The V10 offers a range of treatment options for skin tightening and cellulite reduction and is comprised of the V-FORM, V-FR, V-ST, and V-VR devices.

  • V-FORM: The V-FORM’s Multi-CORE™ Technology and integrated monitoring system provide enhanced accuracy for body contouring and cellulite reduction. The device’s multiple applicators and ergonomic design make for patient comfort and safer treatments.
  • V-FR: The V-FR handpiece is designed for skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation procedures, including skin texture & tone and acne scar clearance. It uses innovative SVC™ technology with Switching, Vacuum and Cooling mechanisms to give physicians greater flexibility with enhanced penetration depth control.
  • V-ST: With Sinclair’s patented Channelling Optimized RF Energy Technology (CORE™), and the device’s individual RF frequency channels for greater depth penetration and control, physicians can offer patients the most comfortable, non-invasive, and safest tightening treatments available.
  • V-VR: V-VR is the only non-invasive device that combines two advanced technologies (Co-Polar™ and CORE™) to precisely deliver RF energy and gently and safely heat vaginal tissue. The device is designed to address a wide range of vaginal health concerns such as urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity & painful intercourse.
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V20: Utilising Intense Pulsed Light for various skin treatments

In addition to the offering of the V10 platform, the V20 platform focuses on treating for pigmentation, vascular lesions, and hair removal. Alongside the V10’s core device offering, practitioners can make us of the V-IPL hand-held device, which is powered by Sinclair’s PCR technology, and can treat every skin type.

  • V-IPL: The V-IPL handpiece is designed for hair removal and to treat pigmentation and vascular lesions, as well as skin rejuvenation, and acne clearance. The V-IPL is powered by Sinclair’s proprietary PCR technology. This device provides adjustable pulse duration, ensuring that every skin type and condition can be treated.

V30: Laser technology for lesion treatment and hair removal

The V30 platform incorporates laser technology into the offerings of the V20 and V10 platforms – indicated for pigmented and vascular lesions and hair removal for patients with darker skin tones.

  • V-Nd YAG: This handpiece is built around a long with a 1064nm laser, indicated for vascular lesions, nail fungi, skin rejuvenation and dark skin hair removal. This, and the device’s PulseConfiguRythm™ (PCR) Technology, provide adjustable pulse duration and enable full customisation for patient needs.

Sinclair's V-Series, comprising the V10, V20, and V30 platforms, paves the way for future advancements in aesthetic treatments. With the global aesthetic laser market and non-surgical body contouring market experiencing significant growth – not to mention the growing demand for multi-device treatments - these devices position doctors and practitioners at the forefront of innovation and patient satisfaction. By harnessing the power of the V-Series, medical professionals can deliver exceptional results while staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.