Pristine does silent operation while giving comfortable and relaxing treatments.

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A complete medical aesthetic solution which treats a range of common skin conditions – including ageing, sun exposure, acne, scars tissue and stretch marks – to improve the overall quality and appearance of your patient’s skin.

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Largest Tip Selection

Pristine Offers the Largest Tip Selection on the Market. Pristine is an all-encompassing tool for all your professional microdermabrasion needs. The device offers the largest tip selection on the market for unmatched exfoliation accuracy, effectiveness and ease of use.

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How does Pristine works?

Genuine, laser-cut diamond tips gently abrade the upper epidermal layer of the skin to polish the skin surface while a vacuum control stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The combination of vacuum and pressure ensure diamond-peel uniformity and allow for personalized exfoliation treatments, according to skin type.

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Improve the overall quality and appearance of your skin!

Cutting edge treatments

A Pristine Experience: Free of irritation and any discomfort, Pristine procedures offer your patients a fully customizable, clean and aesthetic treatment experience that is relaxing, enjoyable and delivers results from the very first treatment.

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