Treat your patients with DermaFuse® Technology

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Dermafuse employs cutting-edge technology to complement non-invasive treatments, thereby empowering practitioners and expanding opportunities, all the while enriching the patient experience. Through IonFuse technology, Dermafuse guarantees the optimal penetration of topical formulas, facilitating comprehensive treatment across various facial and body skincare applications, ensuring superior outcomes with each session.

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Innovative Device

Incorporating DermaFuse® into your clinic opens up a world of opportunity as the treatments can be used in conjunction with other treatment procedures. The perfect complement to any aesthetic procedure, We have developed numerous protocols that give you the capability to elevate your offerings, by combining DermaFuse® with Sinclair´s other non-invasive devices and technologies via Fusion® Concept.

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The best results, in every session

Now with DermaFuse®, you can increase your offerings! DermaFuse® answers your requirements and ensures the optimal penetration of topical formulas by IonFuse™ Technology. Maximum penetration allows you to realize multiple facial and body skin care applications for the best results, in every session.

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Needle-free solution for glowing skin